VestShearling JacketsSV-40 BROWN


Vest made from brown shearling with old military canvas pockets. Solid brass rivets and Universal front zipper. No interior pocket. The vest is washed and hand-waxed.

Available in Off-White

Made in Greece




SV-40 BR

Shearling Vest

100% Handcrafted in Greece


Washed &  Waxed

Two Military Canvas Pockets

Universal Zipper
How to order
All our jackets are made to your exact measurements. So you don’t need to worry about choosing the right size. After sending us your enquiry for this product, we will ask your exact measurements. It is a really simple process and we will guide you throughout the order process. Please note that it takes about 50-60 days for the jacket to be produced upon receipt of payment.

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